Round Tables

Imagine a company led by a management team so powerfully bonded together that they are family—in the best sense of the word. People who not only listen empathetically to each other, but who have the courage and skills to ask the tougher, wiser questions. People who, because of the respect and support of this family, are genuinely healthy and truly effective leaders who can draw on their own life experiences to help and support each other as life-long friends, committed to each other and the core values of the company. This is your company in partnership with V2LS.



The Round Table

A central core of V2LS is the Round Table experience. The Round Table offers a great company the opportunity to re-invent itself in an on-going process of personal and professional growth which will enhance the family and spiritual lives of its most important human resource. And the resulting health of the leadership team and their families directly improves the company’s bottom line.


The Round Table is a group of executives of a single company and/or their life partners who meet on a recurring basis to discuss and share the deeper issues of business and life. It is a forum where deep emotional issues can be safely explored and understood, improving the emotional health and therefore the physical health of the top team. Round Tables consist of 10-12 members each of the top management team. Each Round Table meets on periodic basis (ideally quarterly) for a minimum of twelve months.


Round Table Benefits to Your Company

The center of the corporate culture journey is the Round Table, where senior executives from the same company meet to discuss and share the deeper issues of business and life. It is a forum where sub-surface emotional issues can be safely explored and understood. In addition to improving physical health, it creates bonds of trust and confidence among the team members, and serves to diminish the sort of intra-team competition that can eat away at a company.


This is especially important in the case of the companies who are leading-edge innovators. Because of the rapid pace of change, they need to accelerate the interpersonal learning curve and improve the propensity of the individuals to look on each other as trusted teammates and not merely business colleagues. This in turn creates a sort of “Velcro” effect, making it much easier to retain top performers in the organization. As corporate management and personnel studies have long shown, it is typically not financial considerations that keep people in place, but the desire to stay in a positive, nurturing and supportive culture, especially when coupled with a sense of being a part of something bigger than oneself. The Round Table leverages this drive into a method for attracting and retaining the best minds in the field.

The Round Table experience also improves leadership throughout the company. By learning relationship development, members have the opportunity and know-how to model that behavior in their other business relationships, deepening and broadening them in a way that enables communication, trust and ultimately team success. It is the first step to a leadership style that could be called MBR—management by relationship. Furthermore, the Round Table offers a leader a unique environment in which to evaluate his or her team members and thus make better decisions regarding “bench strength” and succession planning. By its very nature, the Round Table is quintessential leadership training and development.