Elements of Emerging Leadership

When it comes to leading in government, it is often those in informal leadership roles who can make the most significant impact in an agency. This four-day seminar helps Federal workers who are not currently formal supervisors or managers learn to influence others and make a difference in their organization. This seminar uses hands-on experiential exercises, assessments, and frameworks/models to help you create an integrated development plan that matches your organization’s needs with your individual strengths.

Participant critiques average 4.97 out of 5.0 for the course. Graduates of the November 2012 open enrollment program at the Western Management Development Center made these unedited comments about the faculty and the program:


·      Awesome instructor with a vast background. He made this a great learning experience that will be valuable in my career

·      The coordination and back and forth between the instructors was excellent. I really enjoyed the personal stories, and the practical exercises.

·      Also, transparent and incorporated what he taught into his teaching style. Added humor to keep things from getting dry

·      Jeffrey and Harold are a great team that were entertaining and very interesting. Don’t ever split them up

·      Energized and transparent

·      I appreciated the instructors discussing character and its importance.

·      Harold and Jeffrey are a great team and complement each other in delivering/ presenting. Way to connect!

Note: This can be offered as a 4-day course or as two 2-day courses.