Crisis Leadership Workshop

A crisis is an unexpected event or system breakdown that upends normal operations. Crises come in all shapes and sizes, from someone disrupting the workplace, to a sudden loss of power in the building, to a major disaster. Yet the common thread of any crisis is the critical need for extraordinary leadership, immediate collaborative teamwork and “over-communicating” with stakeholders, including the media. Using interactive, relevant, and riveting case studies and real-world experiential activities, this practical, hands-on four-day workshop will rapidly increase your ability to confidently and successfully lead in any crisis of any size. You’ll analyze the behavior of key crisis leaders, learning from both successes and failures. The uniquely qualified facilitators bring a keen, experience-based understanding of the additional challenges inherent in government service as they relate to leading in a crisis. They will quickly increase your leadership capacity to navigate complex situations before, during, and after a crisis. Included are strategies to improve pre-crisis planning and preparation within your organization. We’ve added a follow-up webinar to reconnect participants to discuss their ongoing leadership experiences, challenges, and successes. 


Participant critiques average 4.9 out of 5.0 for the course. Graduates of the March 2013 open enrollment program at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, made these unedited comments about the faculty and the program:


·      B-52 example helped underscore some current similar situations at work!

·      Love the real life scenarios and discussions

·      Energetic and captivating

·      Excellent presentation! Excellent way to connect!

·      Good balance to presenters

·      Outstanding!

·      Valuable information I could use more life examples such as nature stories

·      Clear and concise handouts/charts

·      Energetic and captivating