Coaching and Mentoring for Excellence

Increasing demands on the Federal workforce are requiring organizations to work at higher levels of performance with fewer resources and staff. Developing employees through on-the-job coaching or mentoring can increase the organization’s ability to succeed. This seminar explores how to use these important tools to help others develop both technically and as leaders in order to improve their organization’s overall performance. Through classroom instruction, small-group interaction, and practice sessions, this seminar will teach you how to coach and mentor employees who are facing choices regarding career advancement or need guidance in mastering their current positions through professional development.

Participant critiques average 4.90 out of 5.0 for the course. Graduates of the August 2012 custom program for the SBA at Western Management Development Center, made these unedited comments about the faculty and the program:


·      The instructors were clearly experts on the topic, energetic and enthusiastic about the training. Great trainers!

·      Thank you for your encouragement and excitement about the content you were teaching!

·      The presenter did an excellent job of conveying the material in a clear and humorous manner

·      Very knowledgeable and presented the information in very informative, interactive and entertaining way

·      Both instructors were the best I have ever seen in a management course

·      The instructors were simply outstanding. They conveyed the information in a very professional and informative manner

·      He was knowledgeable, humorous, and very helpful

·      Not enough focus on Mentoring

·      Instructor worked one on one with me as well as other participants

·      The additional real life experiences that the instructor shared helped with the presentation

·      The content in the course was perfect. Very relevant to some of the management challenges and presented a great tool to use to grow a self-empowered organization

·      I can apply the things I learned on Monday