Why Us

Why is V2LS the best choice for your organization?

V2LS: Toward a Better Organizational Culture

It is no surprise that some companies and organizations have cultures which are corrosive, unhealthy and demoralizing to their employees, while others enjoy powerful, positive, uplifting cultures, the kind that possess the sort of emotional Velcro which keeps turnover at healthy, sustainable levels. Our signature group of services offers select clients the opportunity to dramatically improve their organizational cultures and create the organizational environment that attracts and keeps the high performers. We partner with these clients to create and sustain these Triple-Crown cultures, where the organization, the employees and their customers all win together. Culture change is directly addressed, as appropriate, in all V2LS  courses listed below.

This evolutionary journey begins with several component offerings:

Visioning at the Top:

Culture change must begin at the top with the leader identifying and clearly articulating his/her vision (destination) for the company/organization. This is both an intellectual (left-brained) and emotional (right-brained) encounter in which we interview the leader(s) and help him/her evoke and then crystalize that vision of the future. The vision defines the “Why?” that guides all decisions and actions.

Calibrating the Compass:

Before setting out on the quest to reach the Vision, an organization needs an accurate compass in the form of foundational or core Values. The process of calibrating the compass or articulating the values involves a series of interviews with and surveys of both the senior leadership and employees. This data will ascertain both the actual and the aspirational values of the organization, from which we can distill the short list of Values and their descriptive meanings. If the Vision defines the “Why?” then the set of Values defines the “How?” which informs the actions of everyone within the organization.

Setting the Expectations:

The final step of pre-departure preparation is to outline the “What?” in the form of samples of behavior for each of the values, with an explanation of how these behaviors stem from the Values and lead the organization to the Vision. These are also generated from a series of interviews with and surveys of members of the organization.

Sharing the Message:

With the Vision, Values and Behaviors set, the next task is taking off: Unveiling these foundational tenets of the organization to all employees, and teaching them what they mean and how they can be used in building and sustaining the desired culture. This is accomplished through a series of seminars and workshops jointly facilitated the senior leadership and the V2LS team that generate organizational-wide discussions about their meaning and implementation, and thereby give a common language and filter through which to view all operational decisions. The result is a synergy of common support for “doing the right thing” that mutually reinforces the positive evolution of the culture.