Vision and Values

Who We Are

V2LS is a high-performing team of consultants, facilitators, and coaches whose mission is to improve the culture and performance of clients by offering the highest quality leadership development training, and deep team building available.


Jeffrey Zink and Harold Howell are the founding partners of V2LS. As 20+-year veterans of the U.S. Air Force, we deeply understand the meaning of service. We are committed to providing the finest training services to create mutual wins—for clients and for our course and coaching participants And especially for our federal clients, we also strive to create a win for the American taxpayer. We are on your team and share your mission

Where We Are Going

Our vision at V2LS is to be the go-to company for transformational leadership development and organizational culture shift, providing client-centered leadership training and strategic planning for the public and private sectors. Being the best is not the same as being the biggest. Indeed, we believe that the two are not compatible. Thus, we offer our premier services only those clients whose top leaders share our passion for transformational culture improvement.

Our Core Values

·      Integrity: We believe in honest, transparent communication with each other and with our clients. We strive to do and say the right thing, even when it is difficult. We build trust and confidence through actions that are consistent with the commitments we have made.

·      Collaboration: We are partners with our clients and our community, building relationships that allow us to work together to achieve transformation. We are proactive and open-minded in finding innovative, practical, win-win solutions. We seek and provide honest feedback both during and following our client interactions.

·      Passion: We deeply believe in our mission of elevating the craft of leadership and transforming the cultures of our client organizations. We bring to every training event an enthusiasm that is contagious and inspirational, transmitting a spirit and passion for improvement to participants. We have fun doing the work we do. 

Our Name and Logo

V2LS (V2 Leadership Solutions) was the brainchild of two military-trained aviators with decades of leadership experience. We channeled that background into our corporate identity: V2 is the minimum velocity an aircraft must attain before leaving the runway and achieving sustained flight. Our mission in training and coaching is to partner with our clients to help them learn the skills necessary to sustain leadership and cultural transformation. Furthermore, there is a nice double meaning in V2, in that one of our flagship services is to helping organizations identify their core Vision and Values—the foundations on which all their work is built.

Why Choose Us?